Crime Reduction Meeting Held in Old East Dallas After Artist Shooting

Nearly two weeks after the shooting of a popular artist in Old East Dallas, the crime remains unsolved.

City leaders and law enforcement came together Wednesday night to hear residents’ concerns and come up with viable solutions.

Councilman Jesse Moreno is a lifelong member of the Dallas district he now serves. So, when concerns about safety come up, he says it’s personal. He called a public safety meeting at Old East Dallas Work Yard Park, near the Old Santa Fe trail where artist Antonio Lechuga was shot nearly two weeks ago. Those who attended said they fear the violence is only getting worse.

“I would love to see us working together addressing some of those issues and partnership with one another,” said Christopher Morales, whose 14-year-old nephew was shot and killed near the park last month.

Since his nephew’s death, he’s been a fierce advocate for resources in the area.

“You go to the trail out near Woodrow Wilson near the lake, you feel more comfortable, more safe,” he said. “You come out here to Old East Dallas, come back to this area, you don’t feel that safe.”

Morales and others said they’d like to see more deterrents, including a frequent police presence and more lighting, in addition to community activities for children. Dallas Police Deputy Chief Israel Herrera said there are surveillance cameras strategically placed in the area. He also encouraged the community to speak up.

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