Dallas official says city making progress in dealing with hundreds of homeless encampments

The city of Dallas is struggling to get a handle on homeless camps, which increased dramatically after the pandemic resulted in Dallas pausing removals.

The city is dealing with a backlog of more than 400 open complaints.

As of the most recent count, the city said there are an estimated 400 encampments in the city and the city has only closed nine of them. But the director of Dallas’ Office of Homeless Solutions, Christine Crossley, said progress is being made.

After the CDC told cities to not close down homeless encampments during the COVID-19 crisis, the number in Dallas multiplied. "And then, of course, you add inflation and housing affordability stock, which is basically none, it can feel like an uphill battle," Crossley explained.

The city received hundreds of complaints from residents in the past 30 days. A total of 712, with 400 complaints still open. Crossley said the city is making progress. "We've housed, when I looked at it two days ago, 971 people, since the DRTRR started. That is a huge amount, that is historic for Dallas," she said.

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