Legal Expert Says Sue Robinson 'Chickened Out' Suspending Deshaun Watson

Dan Lust: “I’m reading the first ten pages of that decision and it sounded like she [Sue Robinson] was going to give some sort of unprecedented punishment. She was talking about how the NFL has ‘satisfied their burden of showing that sexual assault had occurred, that they put individuals in grave danger, harmed the shield…’ I was like okay, she’s acknowledging the NFL’s argument that this is an unprecedented case warranting an unprecedented punishment. It’s pretty easy to just look at past precedent and say ‘Well, Roethlisberger got six games, Zeke got six games, I guess this is kind of bad, and I’m going to give him six games too’, but the problem is that this incident and these allegations are unprecedented in NFL history. Granted they didn’t look at the accusations of 24 accusers, they looked at 4 accusers, but even if you take 4, it’s never happened in NFL history. This kind of required an unprecedented punishment and if you ask me I think Judge Robinson chickened out a little bit. I think she went for the easy punishment that had been done before, but that’s not what Watson was warranting. It was an unprecedented scenario. Six games is what the standard is; you could have given more, you could have given less, but to go with six games to really model it after Zeke and Roethlisberger, I just don’t think this case had anything to do with those guys, so I was surprised to see that number.” (Full Segment Above)

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